Should You Wear Pantiliners?

Should You Wear Pantiliners?

By: The Honey Pot Company

Sometimes the options on the feminine care aisle can be overwhelming, different shapes, tampon sizes, feminine menstrual cups, and more. It can be confusing to know what’s really right for you, and when. We have a guide to help you decide what size tampon or pad is right for you, but what about pantiliners? Learn more about what they are and when to wear pantiliners.

Pantiliners are very thin pads that are used to absorb daily discharge, and offer coverage on light menstrual flow days, or anytime you’d like a little extra “protection” without the bulkiness of a pad. Our Everyday Herbal Pantiliners, are made with an organic cotton cover and are infused with essential oils for a gentle cooling effect.

At certain points during your cycle you made notice an increase in discharge. If you are feeling a bit sticky, and would like to freshen up, our pantiliners are perfect to wear during this time while also protecting your underwear. The same goes for those final days of your menstrual cycle, your blood flow is not enough to warrant a thicker pad or tampon, but you’d still like to protect against any residual blood spotting until your period completely ends.

Even after the standard 6-week postpartum healing process, new mothers can find themselves still spotting after giving birth. Our menstrual liners are also perfect for this and can help you feel back to yourself while offering healing properties.

Liners for periods are a great extra line of defense against spotting, light leakage or discharge. However, unless absolutely necessary, we recommend not sleeping in them to allow your vagina time to breathe. Panty liner use should be monitored carefully to prevent health issues. As with any other feminine hygiene product, be sure to change your pantiliner every 4-5 hours to prevent the risk of infection or bacteria buildup.