What's on Your Feminine Care Isle? [Women's Voices Report Inside]

What's on Your Feminine Care Isle? [Women's Voices Report Inside]

By: The Honey Pot Company

How much do you know about the health of your honeypot? Did you know that your vagina is a very important link to your body’s health and wellness? Unfortunately, women everywhere have suffered from a lack of information about just how essential the vagina is to a woman’s overall health. Between using proper, healthy contraceptives or birth control and the quality of ingredients used in feminine care products, the Women’s Voices for the Earth (WVE) non-profit organization conducted a Chem Fatale Report to find the potential health effects that toxic chemicals in feminine care products can have on vaginal and whole body health. 

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Overall, the study states that there is minimal regulation (as far as the Food and Drug Administration goes) for ingredients used in feminine care products - but of course we already knew that. What’s saddening is the lack of natural feminine hygiene awareness and the use of natural, healthy products. Instead, women are using care products that are not truly careful of the sensitive skin in the vaginal area. Nearly $3 million is spent annually on feminine care products that contain carcinogens, allergens, and unnamed perfumes.

The Honey Pot Co. is proud to create and sell a complete vaginal wellness system that includes feminine products like washes and wipes, along with pads and pantyliners that are made without added parabens, dioxides, and sulfatesWhile the WVE study focused on these same types of products used by most women in the United States; most of the products studied were feminine care products that include chemical toxins that can lead to health issues later down the road.  When it comes to those other products, don't believe the hype and choose an all-natural, organic solution instead!

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