5 Natural Skincare Faves We Can't Live Without

5 Natural Skincare Faves We Can't Live Without

By: Alexandra La-Rotta

Loving the skin you’re in requires more than just a boost of self-confidence. Healthy skincare products that are free from harsh chemicals is just one of the ways we keep our skin looking fresh and feeling at its best all-year-round. Keeping in mind that our skin is one giant, living, breathing organ, we shouldn't ignore what we put on it and should consider the products we use on our skin with the utmost care. We’ve got your honey pot covered with our female cleansing products. Check out our top five favorite natural skincare products to show some love to the skin you're in.                               


#1  Mother Dirt AO + Mist, $49

Probiotics for your skin are just what Mother Nature ordered. This live bacteria formula goes on light and helps to naturally restore the skin’s pH balance. This product is ideal for all skin types if you're going for an all-natural product that is capable of healing and restoring the natural way.


#2  Sprouted Mineral Greens Lotion, $28

Raw, live and pure. This living body lotion is everything! Formulated with mineral green superfood enzymes such as; kale juice, oat grass, kelp sprouted brown rice, African shea and goji berry, this is a treat your skin will most definitely crave.



#3  Bronner’s Pure Castile Liquid Soap in Lavender, 32oz $17.99

We couldn’t imagine our lives without Dr. Bronner’s. We swear by this cult-classic pure castile liquid soap. Gentle, safe, healthy and free from harsh dyes, artificial fragrances and toxic chemicals, this is the only natural body wash we’ll ever use, and it's also safe for your pets as well!




#4  Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water, $8.52

If the goal is to remove dirt, oil and makeup with an ultra-hydrating cleanser that’s paraben and sulfate free, you need this product in your life!  Just tap the bottle with an organic cotton pad, swipe, and get clean!



#5  Farsali Unicorn Essence Antioxidant Serum + Primer, $54

Anything with unicorn in the title grabs our attention, but this water-based serum is more than just a novelty – this is the real deal. Rich with antioxidants like Acai, goji, elderberry and blueberry, this is a wonderful way to moisturize your skin without the greasy after effect.