Prevention Is Key: A Natural Treatment For Yeast Infections

By: The Honey Pot Company

There are quite a few reasons that can lead a woman’s body to a yeast infection, and none of them are entirely pleasant. Yeast infections stem from an overgrowth of bacteria near your honey pot. And we don’t know about you, but we are tired of getting infections! What’s even worse is that many women get yeast infections because of antibiotics, and antibiotics are prescribed to fight yeast infections. It is a terrible cycle, and we have said enough! Take care to follow these preventative feminine care tips for a natural treatment for yeast infections.

Avoid deodorant pads and feminine deodorant.
There’s nothing too healthy about placing chemicals near your precious honey pot to help it smell better. Instead, use our natural menstrual products! We offer pads and pantyliners with scented, natural ingredients (like lavender) that aid your health along the way.

Don’t sit in hot water or wet clothing for an extended time.
The bacteria is fostered by the heat and moisture, so take care to limit the time you spend in a hot tub or bath, and be sure to change out of your swimsuit quickly. This is a major part of preventing yeast infections! 

Create a fresh, feminine hygiene routine.
We encourage all of the women to have a safe, healthy feminine hygiene routine. All too often we hear of women that don’t even wash their honey pot! Try daily products that are all-natural washes to eliminate extra dirt, bacteria, and grime. The Honey Pot offers feminine hygiene washes and wipes that get the job done right! Add try our refreshing herbal spray for instant freshness wherever you are. We also recommend avoiding douching, especially with chemically infused products. Ouch!

By following these three feminine care tips, you are likely to find a natural treatment for yeast infection, like not getting one at all! And if you do end up getting one check out these DIY yeast infection and vaginal cream recipes as a natural yeast infection treatment instead of antibiotics.

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