Toxin-Free Feminine Care Products

By The Honey Pot Company

Toxin-Free Feminine Care Products

Here at The Honeypot Company, we want everyone to “make peace with your period.” In a stressful world, the last thing women should have to worry about is the safety of their feminine care products. We offer a wide range of all-natural personal care products to ensure that your vaginal health is never compromised with hidden toxins. Below are a few key ways we work to keep our personal hygiene products toxin-free:

  • Only the cleanest of cotton makes it into our pads and tampons. It’s all natural. Cotton is one of the most polluted crops, as it’s grown and sprayed with heavily with toxic pesticides. Rest assured knowing there aren’t any unknown carcinogens (cancer-causing) chemicals going into your vagina or bloodstream with our safe feminine hygiene products.
  • Our feminine hygiene washes and wipes are made with soothing, non-irritating and natural ingredients. Most feminine washes and wipes contain man-made chemicals that throw off your pH, and actually irritate the vagina more, leading to a long cycle of recurring vaginal infections.
  • Mimicking your body’s natural lubrication, our water-based kiwi vine extract lubricant, is free of parabens and sulfates letting you play while maintaining your V’s health. Not to mention, no more sticky sexy time (yes!).

These are just a few of the many ways we are working to make safer feminine products for all. Read more about how we compare to the ‘other guys’ and why we created the first complete feminine care system powered by herbs. Toxic chemicals don’t belong in any intimate or feminine care products and our lineup of healthy hygiene products ensures you will maintain a happy and healthy honeypot. Learn more about the importance of clean beauty products now!